Interiors are the visual essence of a house, giving it a distinct personality or image while also in a way contributing to how each person defines their physical and psychological comfort and peace. As we approach the end of 2022, here is a list of the current interior design trends, that showcase a pleasant selection of fresh concepts and styling advice decoded by Creative Dimensions.

Black Accents may sound like too bold a choice but when utilized well they can add a strong sense of edge and contrast to build an austere environment. Choosing light, neutral colours for the primary features of a space with black accents would undoubtedly provide a greater sense of depth and opulence to the space.

Interior design of a kitchen


When talking about best decor ideas, introducing natural lighting is the best advice that top designers share. You can make a room feel grand and inviting by adding in a floor to ceiling window.  When diverse elements in the home are lit up by natural light, their colours appear deeper, more organic, and significantly more pleasant to the eye.


Stripes, lines, and checks are a theme created by a communal yearning to reflect a certain order in our homes due to recent upheaval. A simple trend to adopt with intelligent decor, rugs, cushions, and artwork give the room a symmetrical makeover that is both current, ageless, and visually appealing. The trend makes its relevance in almost every decor type and space in the house!

The pandemic forced us to recognize the value of our home as a daily haven for relaxation and renewal. Top interior designers have taken inspiration from various sources to create a more dynamic and fluid floor plan. Introducing the concept of flexible house design, wherein one may alter the space and adapt it for various activities instead of restricting ourselves to one and only use of spaces.

Bright and vibrant hues will be getting more popular in the upcoming season. Nowadays no trendy palette is complete without vivid fuchsia, powerful blues, or juicy orange. Specially orange in all its hues—including dusty peach, amber, and dusty corals will also be seen in our homes and workplaces. One can experience the trend by adding artwork, soft furnishings, a statement chair or sofa, or by painting a feature wall in these colours. Try it and make it work to infuse your houses with life.

Although marble and its eternal elegance haven’t changed, its adaptability has only recently come to light. The reason marble is so frequently used in interior design is because of its remarkable gleam. If the material’s weight was once a barrier, contemporary lighter marble solutions made its applications much simpler. You can never have too much of the material, so use it to express your commitment to elegant living. In all its thrilling pattern-clashing and textural mashup grandeur, maximalism arrives. More is better. It’s never a terrible idea to add drama in little doses to a design, which is the beauty of maximalism in interior decoration. This design must be implemented in Indian homes more naturally, as one error could have terrible implications. Make the most of it by mastering the art of layering.

The year’s trends are not just restricted to indoor settings; they also apply outside. Upraised outdoor furniture like porches, balconies, and verandahs are experiencing a significant improvement in their styling as more people seek solace in open spaces rather than the limits of closed ones. Outdoor decor, a trend today, is being taken to a whole new level by discovering an astounding array of furniture, outdoor tiles, external paint textures, and much more. Options that are weatherproof and environmentally friendly are also widely accessible, enabling you to keep up with outdoor trends, and providing a balcony space would be the threshold space to relax and unwind after a long day.


If your dining table doubles as your home office, setting a beautiful tablescape is a great way to let everyone know that work is done and it’s time to relax and enjoy a meal together! Linen napkins, fresh fruits, and flowers can always be in style to celebrate the inside areas by channeling easy sophistication and elegance.


The use of 3D art is a significant callout since people are increasingly wanting to add mystery and playfulness to their flat walls. This artwork emerges from surfaces and gives flat areas a three-dimensional twist. In the upcoming year, it will replace flat paintings and frames and see significant demand. Make 3D art a focal point and one-of-a-kind appealing element in your house.


All these trends and more are at your doorstep, gear up for a stylish entry into the new season, you can’t be fashionably late here! Team up with the leading interior designers of Bangalore to create an on trend space for you to enjoy.