A contemporary design style focuses on the three ‘S’ – shades, shapes and space. Clean lines and vibrant colors are the focal points of any space, oftentimes with dramatic accent pieces that bring warmth and character. Even with these simpler characteristics, a contemporary home doesn’t have to compromise on the feeling of opulence and luxury. Minimalism, a hint of texture, and quiet drama, when used effectively, can be the perfect recipe for a luxurious and contemporary home.


As the undisputed ‘Gods of contemporary design’ in Pune, top interior design firm, Creative Dimensions, is here to share contemporary interior design concepts to furnish your homes with stunning interiors.

  1. Go minimalistic

Nowadays, less is more! Minimalism doesn’t have to mean a compromise on the opulence of your interiors. Avoid cluttering your space with unwanted furniture and decor pieces instead create key focal points in the room around which the rest of the elements revolve. Every element of contemporary interior seeks a purpose and function. Clean and simple geometric forms with curvy edges make your home look elegant and cozy and, at the same time, are efficiently functional. This style gives a sense of openness in your homes and finds beauty in simple and sleek elements.

  1. Choose neutral colors

The color palette of a contemporary house prioritizes neutral tones over bold colors. Add a twist to the traditional palette with metallic and gold accents to compliment the overall subdued look. The best Interior Designers in Pune recommend selecting a pastel colour palette of pink, blue, and green for the decor to add vibrancy and freshness to the space.A wooden finish for the shelves and cupboards adds a nice level of contrast to the neutral tones of the walls and balances the color palette of the interior. Glossy surfaces add glam and glitter to your spaces, making them feel trendy.

  1. Make your rooms flexible to use

This style is not only focused on the functionality of the rooms but also on making it efficient. Your kitchen can double as your dining, or your bedroom can be your workplace in a contemporary setting. According to top Interior Designers in Pune it is advisable that you opt for furniture that adapts to the changing interiors. Choose furniture that can stylishly and efficiently accommodate your flexible storage needs, whether that’s for workout gear, office supplies, toys, or other items.

  1. Open plan concepts

Continuing from the earlier point, open plan interiors also allow flexibility of space and usage. Free flowing spaces create a sense of serenity and splendor where you can switch up the entire aesthetics with just a few additions. To create a feeling of privacy and intimacy, you can introduce a glass partition between the living & dining that opens up whenever necessary to make a larger living space.

  1. Allow deliberate lighting choices

Lighting plays a crucial role in your interiors. Installing large windows in your bedrooms and living room that allow maximum natural light into the room is a great way to create space and ventilation. Choose lighting fixtures that are unique, of high quality and at the same time, absolutely purposeful. For instance, you shall go for a large chandelier or ball pendant lights instead of a traditional lamp. It adds a classic and elegant touch to your interior.

  1. Integrate nature into your interiors

Add freshness into your space by bringing a dash of nature into it. Integrate greenery in forms of floor pots, hanging plants in your kitchens and a vertical garden over the balcony. Place green plants on a wooden finish to give a perfect blend of nature into your contemporary homes. The natural elements should have a free-flowing space in your interiors.


The term contemporary means “here and now,” and so contemporary design refers to the current design trends. As the name suggests, it constantly evolves to encompass different styles and elements. Creative Dimensions prides itself in creating luxury residences that reflect these changing trends, keeping the essence of each client in mind.